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Taekwondo 2020 Annual General Meeting

Taekwondo Canada hosted their 2020 Annual General Meeting Sunday evening. As part of the agenda, a number of nominees were elected to fill positions among the seven-person Board. 

Following the election, four members were elected to the Taekwondo Canada Board and will join the organization’s three existing Board members. Newly elected Directors are in bold:​

  • President: Kee Ha
  • Vice President: Wayne Mitchell
  • Treasurer: Sandra de Montigny 
  • Secretary: Ken Anstruther
  • Director at Large: Jessica Scarlato
  • Director at Large: Dave Mazzone
  • Director at Large: Jean-François Lebreux

​Following the Annual General Meeting, Taekwondo Canada’s Executive Director Dave Harris stated:

“Taekwondo Canada is pleased to welcome its new Board members along with its returnees to the organization. The organization is extremely fortunate to have such a strong volunteer Board with a tremendous skill set. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Taekwondo Canada is the National Sport Organization in Canada recognized by the World Taekwondo (WT), Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU), Sport Canada and Canadian Olympic Committee. Together with its members and partners, Taekwondo Canada will establish the highest possible standards for Taekwondo development and achievement.

July 31st Mandatory Mask Use

On Friday, July 31st, the use of masks within Nova Scotia will become mandatory is indoor places. An announcement by Dr. Strang on Friday July 24th highlighted that masks are mandatory in indoor facilities, however, one exception is during the actual physical activity. Moving forward, in order to follow the rules of the public health guideline, the MTU will require clubs to follow this rule. Meaning, for example, those attending the class would be required to wear a mask into the facility, but once the class begins that would be permitted to remove it for the duration of the physical activity, and then required to put their mask back on when using common areas such as a restroom or change room and at the conclusion of the class as they exit the facility.

Return to Play - MTU

FAQ on Mandatory Masks

Please note our updated Return to Play plan and FAQ that may be useful with moving forward with masks. The most updated version of our plan can always be found under our Constitutions and Policies tab.

   July 13th Press Release Taekwondo Canada

        Takewondo Canada has pushed out their final decision regarding the

        JR World Championships participation. 


         Press Release

July 18th Maritime Provincial

Referee Certification Seminar

The MTU will be hosting a provincial referee seminar with Taekwondo Canada!! This will be a good course for athletes, coaches and parents that wish to know the relevant changes and current applications as it applies to Sparring (Kyorugi).

This course was created and mandated by Taekwondo Canada and will be taught by Master Barb Marian – International Referee; WT America Kyorugi Referee Chair and the TKD Canada Referee Chair for Taekwondo Canada and facilitated by Charles Bennett, National Referee and NS Provincial Referee Chair.

Where: This course will be administered online via the Zoom App.

             Please contact Charles Bennett to get the password and log in information.

ContactCharles Bennett: MTU Provincial Referee Director 


              Cell 902-220-1377

When: Saturday July 18, 2020 Times: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; 

Eligibility: 13 years of age; 

Attire: Casual

Cost: Fee of $50.00 which will be paid by the MTU

Provincial Referee Certification Program Purpose:

1. To develop provincial referees and corner judges to fairly and accurately conduct Taekwondo games according

to the competition rules set out by World Taekwondo.

2. Provincial Certification will qualify Nova Scotia referees and corner judges to be prepared for and get the most

out of the National Level Referee Seminars.

3. To create three levels of Provincial Referees for incentive to improve upon their referee skills.

4. To educate athletes, coaches and parents regarding the rules and how they affect the game.

5. To create and associate P3 Referee designation for young referees who can, through the mentorship of the MTU and the referee association of Nova Scotia increase their knowledge and improve their skills to one day become a National Referee is so desired.

6. To standardize refereeing and corner judging in the Maritimes to keep contests fair and safe for the athletes.

Please fill out the documents below prior to Saturday's course:

Registration form and Agenda

Pre Course Assignment Questions

June 5th MTU Clubs are Back

The MTU submitted a Return to Play Plan to Sport Nova Scotia. As of June 5th, the clubs will be allowed back in if they are able to follow the limitations set out in the plan and the standards set by Taekwondo Canada.

We strongly encourage you to coordinate with your Landlords!

Return to Play - MTU

Taekwondo Canada Standards

As time goes on and more changes are made to the restrictions put in place by the province there may be opportunities to relax some of the rules governing sport training. As those changes are made, the MTU will work with Sport Nova Scotia and the province to ensure we can all gain the most from our TKD practice while maintaining safety of all our Members and their families.

Thank you for your patience and support over the past few months and please get out and support your club and other local businesses as much as possible.  If you have questions please reach out to Doug Large ( and the MTU, we will be happy to help you interpret the changes we are facing.

Please join the MTU Board for our 2020 AGM on Sunday, June 28 at 1:00pm.

The AGM will be online using Zoom video conferencing. You can also phone in to the meeting using a regular telephone. We will share the details to connect to the meeting as well as the agenda and MTU Annual Report closer to the AGM date.

To be added to the list of participants for the MTU AGM, please send your name, club name and email address to by Friday, June 26. You will need an electronic invitation from MTU in order to participate in the meeting.

MTU club members are welcome to participate.

Return to Play

The MTU is currently working on a set of principles to guide

training and club operations that will be submitted to Sport Nova

Scotia for review.

Notice from Master Large

 Board of Directors

  There are currently two positions on the Board to be filled until at least the

  2021 AGM. The MTU is seeking nominations of interest from those with the

  following skills:

   - Legal

   - Public Relations

   - Marketing

   - Social Media and Technology

   - Insurance

  If you know anyone in your club or greater Taekwondo community who

  may be interest, please pass their names along to:

  Mallory Taylor -


 Upcoming Provincial Officiating Opportunities

   Master bob Marian will be hosting a provincial referee course for the

   Maritimes. If you would like to become a P3 referee or move up in levels, the

   MTU invites you to take part in this opportunity!

    Interest is required to hold this course, please reach out to

    Charles Bennett -

    Location: Zoom

    Date: TBD

National Referee Poomsae Seminar

Taekwondo Canada is hosting a Poomsae Seminar

Location: Zoom

Date: Saturday, May 30th

Register online with Taekwondo Canada

Athlete Assistance:

Support4Sport - Application


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